Orleans Fire Dept


The Orleans Fire & Rescue Department is comprised of Volunteer firefighters from the Orleans community. Our brave volunteers not only fight fire, they can also perform a wide variety of activities aimed at community service.



For emergencies, call 911!


Located at 161 E. Price Ave.  Orleans, IN  47452

Non-Emergency Contacts:

Phone: 812-865-2887

Fax: 812-865-3413


Ronald Roach:  Chief/EMT

Kent Pritchard:  Deputy Chief


Kaden Ray:  Firefighter

Russell Ingle:  Firefighter

Curtis Mitchell:  Firefighter

Wynn Knowles:  Firefighter

Michael Beasley:  Firefighter/EMR

Michelle Ingle:  Firefighter/EMT

Ray Hughett:  Firefighter/EMT

Amanda Roach:  EMR

Heather Onley:  EMR


Randy Gaddis:  Honorary Member

Dennis Fields:  Honorary Member

George Jenkins:  Honorary Member



George Jenkins

Rob Zell

Randy Gaddis

Kaden Ray

Gavin Baker



Dennis Fields

Tom Johnson

Jason Wisley