Orleans Police Dept

The Orleans Police Department has five full time sworn Police Officers and two Reserve Deputies to serve a population of 2,107 people. The Department has five patrol vehicles and is proud to serve the community with a 24 hour patrol program. Officers are dispatched by the Orange County Sheriffs Department and are in constant radio contact with dispatchers. To reach an officer, citizens can call the Orleans Police Department at (812) 865-2222. In case of an emergency citizens may dial 9-1-1 to request the police department, fire department, or an ambulance.

For emergencies, call 911!

Town Marshal, Richard Dixon

Chief Deputy Marshal, Jim Lindsey

Captain, Roy McFarland

Sergeant, Tim Wilkerson

Deputy Marshal, Drew Henderson

Deputy Marshal, Corbin Tye

Res. Deputy Marshal, Jeff Tillett

Res. Deputy Marshal, Brandon Wilson

Our Mission

The mission of the Orleans Police Department is to positively impact the quality of life throughout the community. To achieve these ends, the department is committed to forming a practical partnership with the citizens, which includes a mutual goal setting process aimed at resolving problems, reducing fear, preserving the peace and enforcing the law, thereby providing a safe environment for all citizens.

Located at 148 N. Maple Street (S.R. 37)  Orleans, IN  47452

Non-Emergency Contacts:

Phone: 812-865-2222

Fax: 812-865-4079

Emergency:  911

Town Marshal:  Richard Dixon

Chief Dep. Marshal:  Jim Lindsey

Captain:  Roy McFarland

Sergeant:  Tim Wilkerson

Dep. Marshal:  Drew Henderson

Dep. Marshal:  Corbin Tye

School Resource Officer (SRO): Dustin Wang

Reserve Dep. Marshal:  Jeff Tillett

Reserve Dep. Marshal:  Brandon Wilson

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